Verizon Announces TV Program Changes

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Verizon Annoucement TV Programming Changes

Dear Residents:

This is a message from Verizon to notify you of a change to Fios® TV programming.

On or after January 31, 2024, the following programs will no longer be available in certain Fios TV packages as listed below:

Destination America (ch 168 SD/668 HD):
· Custom TV Action & Entertainment
· Custom TV Kids & Pop

Science (ch 122 SD/622 HD):
· Custom TV Lifestyle & Reality
· Custom TV Infotainment & Drama
· Limited Time Custom TV
· Fios TV Select HD
· Fios TV Custom
· Fios Custom TV
· Fios Custom TV – Essentials
· Fios Custom TV – Sports & More
· Custom TV Action & Entertainment

American Heroes (ch 125 SD/ 225 HD):
· Custom TV News & Variety
· Custom TV Lifestyle & Reality

Verizon notified subscribers through the Fios TV Message Center  and is also notifying through a slate.  A sample customer notice is attached.

We realize that our customers have other alternatives for entertainment and our goal is to offer the best choice and value in the industry.  Verizon appreciates the opportunity to conduct business in your community.