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The Council Ward map contains a map showing the wards within the City to help locate the ward in which your are represented.

Minutes, Agendas, Ordinances and Resolutions

Here you can access vital information about meetings, laws, and decisions in Coatesville. The city frequently posts the official meeting minutes, upcoming agendas, local ordinances, and formal resolutions passed by the Authorities, Boards, City Council, Committees, Commissions. Stay informed and explore the details that shape our city’s governance and development.





Authorities, Boards, Commissions and Committees

Community members collaborating with City Council to provide valuable insights, expertise, and guidance on important local issues and initiatives.

City Council

City Council proceedings and upcoming topics with transparency and accountability in government decision-making for Coatesville. You can also find general information for council members, meetings, agendas, resolutions, and ordinances.

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Third-Class City

Fifty-three Pennsylvania cities are cities of the third class. There are four major organizational models, with variations, among Pennsylvania’s third-class cities. They are: commission form, mayor-council form, council-manager form and weak mayor-council form. Sixteen third-class cities operate under home rule charters.

Home Rule Charter

In accordance with Article IX, Section 2, of the Pennsylvania Constitution and Act 62 (1972) of the General Assembly, the citizens of the City of Coatesville, by referendum in Spring Primary 1979, adopt the following Home Rule Charter to establish a form of government to provide for the health, safety and well-being of its citizens, to provide a government responsive to the citizens, to provide municipal services and facilities with a high degree of efficiency and economy and to bring to the people of the City of Coatesville the greatest of local self-government powers that a municipality can have under the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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