Resident Life and Resources

Access your everyday resources for living in Coatesville

General Information for Residents

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Our resident and visitor resources can assist you with various tasks and provide easy access to important information that can help you conveniently pay bills and request services.

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The City of Coatesville is a multicultural community with over eight parks totaling over thirty acres of open space. Coatesville is filled with a mix of vibrant and unique retail shops, restaurants, general services, barbers, and wellness shops. Visit the resources directory to help find contacts for resources in the region.

Bus Routes and Public Transportation

Discover the comprehensive guide to Coatesville’s bus routes and public transportation options, making travel around the city convenient and accessible.

Career Opportunities

Explore opportunities to work with the City of Coatesville.

Coatesville Area School District

Learn about the Coatesville Area School District’s commitment to quality education, fostering inclusivity, and empowering students for a successful future.

Community, Housing and Human Services Guide

Discover a range of health and behavioral services available in Coatesville, promoting well-being and support for residents’ mental and physical health.

Emergency Services

Find essential details on Coatesville’s emergency services, ensuring a swift and efficient response to safeguard our community.

Hospital and Medical Emergencies (Penn Medicine)

Access vital information on hospitals and medical services in Coatesville, ensuring prompt and reliable care during emergencies.

Resources for Veterans

Find resources to assist with Veteran care and benefits.

Senior Care and Resources

Explore resources for senior care and senior living.

Street Sweeper Schedule

View the City Street Sweeper schedule for dates and times of operation..

Train Station Schedule

Explore the rich history and modern amenities of the iconic Coatesville Train Station, connecting the city to the region’s bustling railway network.

Trash or Recycling Tote Request

Request a new trash or recycling tote from the city. Fees may apply.

Visit Local Transit Information

Get information on bus schedules and public transportation.

Preserving Quality of Life

Our aim is to ensure that your experience with the City of Coatesville is as seamless as possible. We are committed to providing excellent service and making your interactions with the city convenient and user-friendly.

Parks and Recreation

Visit parks and find fun things to do

Discover a variety of recreational activities in Coatesville’s local parks, from picnicking and hiking to sports and playgrounds, catering to all ages and interests.

Pay Bills & Taxes

Please note: Taxes should be paid to Keystone.
Delinquent taxes should be paid to

Make bill payment and tax filing hassle-free with our convenient online platform. Easily pay your bills and file your taxes securely in just a few clicks, saving time and ensuring prompt and accurate transactions.

Pay Parking Tickets

Pay fines and parking tickets

Easily access your outstanding parking citations and securely make payments from the comfort of your own home. Parking tickets can also be paid at the Coatesville Police Station.

Public Transit

Getting around the city

Explore Coatesville’s convenient and reliable public transit options for effortless city exploration and seamless connections. Coatesville currently has access to public transportation by bus with access to our newly-built train train station coming soon.

Get access to resident services

Quickly pay for resident services and utilities from the comfort of your own home. The online portal gives you access to the City’s convenient online payment system.

Tips 411

Anonymously Report Criminal Activity

Leave an anonymous tip for Coatesville Police. Your information will be confidential, allowing you to contribute to community safety without revealing your identity. The city also has an app can be downloaded on both Apple and Android devices for your convenience.

Trash and Recycling

View the schedule for trash and recycling

The trash and recycling schedule is available in both English and Spanish, ensuring accessibility for all residents. Additionally, if you need to schedule a special trash pickup, our Public Works Department is here to assist you. Fees and charges may apply for these services.