Visit Parks in Coatesville

Explore Coatesville’s stunning parks, offering nature’s beauty and endless recreational possibilities. From relaxing trails to dynamic event venues, our parks cater to all needs. Enjoy walking, playgrounds, sports fields, and scenic picnic areas amidst Coatesville’s picturesque landscapes. Embrace the outdoors, make cherished memories, and discover the allure of our exceptional parks.

Visit our Local Parks

Abdala Park

Abdala Park, located between Olive Street and Lincoln Highway in the East End, offers a range of recreational facilities. Enjoy lighted softball and football fields equipped newly installed benches and children’s play equipment.

Ash Park

Ash Park, located between Walnut and Kersey Streets, one of the main parks in our community has several basketball courts, and areas for baseball, roller hockey, and more with a steel pavilion and grills for outdoor gatherings.

Friendship Park

Friendship Park, located along Lumber Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues, offers a delightful space for relaxation and fun. Enjoy strolling along the 6-8′ wide walkways and admire the beauty of the park’s pergola and well-maintained landscaping.

Gateway Park

Gateway Park, a versatile and dynamic outdoor space, is designed to accommodate a variety of activities and events. With access to electricity and ample room for lawn seating, this park provides the perfect setting for a portable stage setup, community gathering, or any other approved event.

Palmer Park

Palmer Park, located in Coatesville’s Northeast End, is a 1.1 acre green space featuring a community swimming pool, children’s play area, pavilion, bulletin board, and BBQ grills. It’s the perfect spot for outdoor fun and gatherings.

Jeanne Treadwell-James Park

Located in the Northeast End of Coatesville, Jeanne Treadwell-James Park is a charming 1/2 acre green space. This park offers various amenities, such as a basketball court, children’s play area, picnic tables and benches, a gazebo, and beautifully maintained landscaping.

Earl Q Patton Park

Discover Earl Q Patton Park in Coatesville’s West End, a 3.2-acre recreational haven featuring a softball field, play equipment, and more. With amenities like an exterior bulletin board, equipment storage, and new bleachers, it’s an ideal spot for outdoor fun.

Valley View Park

This 5-acre inter-municipal park above Oak Street connects Coatesville and South Coatesville, offering amenities like basketball courts, play areas, a gazebo, pathways, and beautiful landscaping.