Our Mission

The City of Coatesville’s mission is to develop, manage and foster a clean, safe, healthy and growing community for all residents of Coatesville and visitors who frequent the City.

City Council

The City of Coatesville operates under the governance of a distinguished seven-member council, comprised of elected officials who play a crucial role in shaping our city’s direction. Representing the diverse interests of our community, council members are democratically chosen to serve the five wards, with an additional two members elected “at large.” These dedicated individuals serve four-year terms, with staggered elections to ensure a smooth transition of leadership.

Council Members

Linda Lavender NorrisPresident
5th Ward

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Carmen Green Vice President
4th Ward

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Fran Scamuffa
1st Ward

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Tiniera Turner-Green
2nd Ward

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C. Arvilla Hunt
3rd Ward

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Charrisse Allen

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Khadijah Al Amin

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The Agendas are designed to provide comprehensive access to the past and upcoming council meetings’ agendas. This resource enables you to delve into the details of previous discussions and anticipate forthcoming topics that will shape our city’s future. By staying informed about the issues under consideration, you can actively engage in the democratic process, making your voice heard and contributing to the development of Coatesville.

To address the pressing matters that affect our city, council meetings are held consistently on the second and fourth Monday of each month. These gatherings provide a platform for council members to deliberate on policy decisions, discuss crucial issues, and attentively respond to the needs and concerns of our residents. In addition to these scheduled meetings, special sessions may be convened as necessary to address urgent matters and fulfill the city’s obligations.

Meeting Minutes

In the City’s commitment to transparency and accountability, the “Approved Minutes” section houses the official records of City Council meetings. These meticulously documented minutes provide an in-depth account of the discussions, decisions, and actions taken by council members. By perusing these records, you can gain valuable insights into the council’s deliberations, understand the rationale behind their choices, and stay abreast of the outcomes that impact our city.


Ordinances are legislative enactments that serve as the local laws and regulations of the City of Coatesville. These laws are established by the City Council to govern various aspects of our community, ensuring public safety, maintaining order, and promoting the well-being of our residents. Ordinances cover a wide range of topics, including zoning, building codes, public health, parking regulations, noise control, and more. At the City of Coatesville, we are committed to transparency and providing easy access to our ordinances. Our website offers a comprehensive collection of current and archived ordinances, enabling residents, businesses, and visitors to familiarize themselves with the applicable rules and regulations. By understanding and complying with these ordinances, we can collectively contribute to the orderly and harmonious development of our city.


Resolutions are official statements or decisions made by the City Council to address specific matters or issues of concern. They serve as a formal expression of the council’s stance, intentions, or commitments, providing a framework for actions, policies, or programs. Resolutions can cover a broad range of topics, such as budget approvals, land use changes, contract authorizations, proclamations, and community initiatives.

As an essential component of our democratic governance, resolutions are designed to uphold the best interests of our community. On our website, you will find a comprehensive repository of current and historical resolutions adopted by the City Council. This valuable resource allows residents to stay informed about the decisions and actions taken by their elected representatives. By accessing these resolutions, you can gain insight into the council’s priorities, initiatives, and efforts to address key issues affecting Coatesville.