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Aug 2, 2012: Kenmore Dehumidifiers RECALL due to FIRE HAZARD

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Commercial Occupancy Fire Safety Inspection Program: Inspection Letter

Bureau Fire Chief

Garry Alderman
(610) 384-0300 x 3101
Email: galderman@coatesville.org



The City of Coatesville Bureau of Fire is a combination Fire Department, comprised of 18 career Firefighters who staff the two fire stations 24/7 and are supplemented by volunteers from both the Washington Hose Company #1 and the West End Fire Company #3. Personnel work together to provide an exceptional level of prompt service.

The Washington Hose Company #1 provides Basic Life Support ambulance service to the City of Coatesville and surrounding communities staffed by both career and volunteer personnel, and is supplemented by paramedics from Brandywine Hospital.

The Bureau of Fire provides fire, rescue, and hazardous material response services to the City of Coatesville, and also provides assistance to medical emergencies. The Bureau of Fire continues to serve the community by providing public education programs and always striving for a safer community. It is our goal to provide a fire-safe environment to the residents, businesses and commuters to the City of Coatesville.

Some of the active programs that the Bureau of Fire currently participates in include but are not limited to:

  • Smoke Detector Installation Hotline – 610-384-0300 x3101 The Bureau of Fire staff will come to you to ensure that properly working Smoke Detectors are installed correctly in your residence. This is free of charge.  Each residence should have a smoke detector in each bedroom and on every floor.  US Fire Administration Smoke Alarm Fact Sheet
  • Key Box program: Firefighters have been working to update commercial occupancies with a key box to allow emergency access for personnel in the event of a fire alarm or medical emergency. Literature is available upon request.  These key boxes are also required under the fire code in most commercial applications.
  • Fire Safety programs: All year-round, not just during Fire Prevention Week, the City’s Firefighters provide for detailed fire safety programs at your place or ours. This is a great opportunity to educate our youth, adults and our more mature folks.  We will design a program specifically to fit your needs. Typical visits include elementary schools, scouts, Mom’s clubs, special needs organizations, day care facilities, facility staff meetings, required annual staff fire-safety refreshers, school faculty, community meetings in senior facilities, etc.
  • Fire Code violations: If you discover or have knowledge of an obvious fire safety hazard, the Bureau of Fire will investigate and enforce applicable fire codes to make our community safer.
  • Inspections: The Bureau of Fire conducts fire inspections in conjunction with all Commercial Use and Occupancy Inspections.

Any issues or concerns relating to fire safety in the City of Coatesville can be directed to Acting Bureau Fire Chief James Lentz at (610) 384-0300 x3101. In the event that the purpose of your call needs immediate attention but is not an emergency, the on-duty career firefighters can be reached at:

Central Station: (484) 880-1671

West Station: (484) 880-2102

The Coatesville Volunteer Fireman’s Relief Association has chosen to maintain a website outside of the City’s web platform. Click here to go to the website created and maintained by the Fireman’s Relief Association Coatesville Fire Department.




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