Concept Designs – Community Feedback

The City of Coatesville welcomes your feedback on the two alternative design concepts for Ash Park. These were developed with community guidance over the past two years. With your input, they will be combined into one phased master plan that the City can implement over time.
Concept A focuses on improving the park’s ability to serve as a social hub for the City of Coatesville. The park’s general layout stays the same, but some improvements and additions are suggested that will allow visitors to better enjoy the space.
Concept B focuses on improving the park’s ability to serve as a recreational hub for the City of Coatesville. It includes much of what is suggested in Concept A but expands the focus to providing active recreation activities throughout the year for people of all ages.
In both concepts, flooding within the park is addressed through landscape interventions such as swales and meadow areas.

Which master plan concept do you prefer for Ash Park?
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 Ash Park Concept A - Social

 Ash Park Concept B - Recreational

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