The City of Coatesville, Valley Township, and the Borough of South Coatesville undergo a strategic plan for workforce development and economic revitalization.


City Residents and Stakeholders Weigh in on Economic Development study.


In an effort to bring jobs and economic opportunities to the Coatesville area, the City of Coatesville, Valley Township, and the Borough of South Coatesville are working together to identify industry sectors for attraction and recruitment efforts.

Through a grant from the Chester County Planning Commission’s Vision Partnership Program, the three municipalities, with the assistance of the Coatesville 2nd Century Alliance, contracted with 4Ward Planning, an economic development consulting firm.

4Ward Planning conducted a thorough market study on the “micro-region” and interviewed numerous stakeholders.  They then hosted public meetings in each of the three municipalities to garner feedback from residents of the respective communities.

On Thursday, January 23, more than sixty community residents and stakeholders attended the informational session at Coatesville City Hall, where 4Ward Planning delivered the findings of their market study, presented preliminary ideas for business attraction efforts, and garnered feedback from the community.

Next steps:  4Ward Planning consultants will take the input they received from the public meetings and add it to the information they’ve collected from market research, stakeholder interviews, and focus groups, and provide the three municipalities with a strategic approach to attracting the right types of business sectors to the area.

Here’s a link to the presentation.