Thunder Storm Ida is expected to come through Southeast Pennsylvania Wednesday night into Thursday morning bringing moderate winds but the potential for heavy rain – up to 6 inches in the area.
A Flash Flood Watch has already been issued for Chester County through Thursday (9/2) afternoon.
Possible Severe thunderstorms can bring heavy downpours and winds.
Coatesville Police, Fire and Public Works departments are preparing the city to mitigate flooding. You can help by reporting clogged inlets or clearing them yourselves.
Secure lightweight objects that could end up blocking storm water drains or could take flight in a strong gust of wind.
Reminder to avoid the usual low spots like the rail underpasses at 3rd, 4th and 11th Avenues. “Turn around don’t drown.”
Eagle Disposal is still planning on trash removal Thursday morning so get your toters out but keep an eye on the weather. The last heavy rain we had lots of floater toters!
If your basement has flooded in the past now is the time to move things up a level.
Hopefully Ida will take a turn away from our region but it is best to be prepared.
Thank you
Coatesville City Hall