Council President Linda Lavender-Norris will be addressing the COVID-19 situation as it relates to City of Coatesville residents. This meeting will be LIVE STREAMED on YouTube ( Notice of Cancellation of March 23, 2020 Public Meeting – Due to the threat of transmission of COVID-19 at public gatherings and subject to Governor Wolf's Shelter-in-Place order, the public meeting of the
Coatesville City Council has been cancelled. We understand that COVID-19 has left us all with limited public access and interaction, but we hope to resume our full ability to hold public meetings in large groups in the coming months. Go to for a council agenda and updates. For public health and safety measures, we will adhere to Governors Wolf’s mandate for assembly numbers and safe distancing.  Be advised, if you are sick or show any symptoms of the COVID-19, please remain home and contact the County Health Department immediately. If attending meetings and social gathering, distancing (seating or standing six-feet in proximity) will be enforced.

We will be following social business procedures as authorized by Health agencies.