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Solid Waste and Recycling

2023 Solid Waste Fee Information

Solid Waste is billed annually and based on the calendar year. The City of Coatesville bills property owners not renters of properties. The city’s contracted trash hauler is Eagle Disposal of PA, Inc. For service questions, they can be contacted at their customer service number (717) 355-9560.

Keystone  Collections Group
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For Immediate Release: Monday, January 8, 2018
CONTACT: Peter Busowski; 855-697-3514;



City of Coatesville residents are now able to pay the annual solid waste fee online with the same ease and confidence they now experience paying real estate taxes through Keystone Collections Group’s e-Pay. Through a new agreement with Keystone, the City’s solid waste fee will now be printed on the current real estate tax bill. Coatesville residents can expect to receive their joint real estate tax and solid waste bills as soon as Feb. I, 2018. Those paying before March 31 receive a 2 percent discount. “Keystone helps communities like Coatesville to achieve greater efficiency by allowing residents to pay online,” said Rose M. Harr, Keystone’s vice president of client relations. Taxpayers will now have the option of paying their real estate taxes and solid waste fees online through Keystone’s fast and secure e-Pay, available on Keystone’s website Residents can enter their invoice number, select their method of payment ( electronic bank transfer or credit card), and receive confirmation the tax is paid, Harr said. Real estate taxes and solid waste fees can also be paid by mail. Under state law, property owners whose mortgage companies pay the real estate tax from an escrow account must receive a city tax bill directly. These property owners should then forward the bill to their mortgage company to ensure the tax is paid timely. Residents should go online and pay the solid waste fee directly to Keystone. Property owners who do not receive a real estate tax and solid waste bill in February, or who have questions, should contact Keystone directly at 1-866-539-1100, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., or anytime by clicking the “Contact Us” link on the website.



Keystone Collections Group is pleased to serve as the City of Coatesville’s new solid waste fee collector. Since 2018, Coatesville residents are able to pay the solid waste fee online along with the real estate tax bill. You will receive your tax bill on or about February 1. 2023. (Para recibir asistencia en espaiiol, par favor /lame 1-724-978-2866.)


Solid Waste Fee Now on Real Estate Bill

Beginning in 2018, the solid waste fee has been listed as a separate line item on your current real estate tax bill. You will receive the same 2% discount that you now receive for your real estate tax, if you pay during the discount period. You have three convenient payment options.


Tax Description Tax Rate 2% Discount At Face 10% Penalty
    until 3/31/23 until 5/31/23 after 06/01/23
City Real Estate 0.013759 $865.93 $883.60 $971.98
Solid Waste $315 $308.70 $315.00 $346.50
Total   $1,174.63 $1,198.60 $1,318.48


Keystone’s e-Pay is the easy, fast and secure way to pay your taxes online. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can pay your taxes in minutes, on time, and with confidence. Visit and select the Pay/File tab at the top of your screen. You can pay through a no-charge electronic transfer from your bank account. You can also pay by credit card. A 2.5% bank processing fee applies to credit card payments. You may also request a receipt from this same screen. Real Estate Tax e-Pay current property tax on line

By Mail

You can mail your payment for both your real estate tax and your solid waste fee to:
Keystone Collections Group
Real Estate Tax Payment
P.O. BOX 505
Irwin PA 15642


In Person

You can pay your bill in person at Keystone’s Tax Office, 780 Miles Road, West Chester. Call 1-866-539-1100 for a complete list of our branch locations, or visit Please note that cash is not accepted at all locations.

Tax bills will continue to be mailed directly to taxpayers. If a mortgage company or bank pays your real estate tax bill from an escrow account, you must forward your tax bill to them to make sure they pay your bill on time. You may have to pay your solid waste fee separately. To ask a question online, go to Keystone’s website and select the Contact Us link. An associate will respond by email within approximately 24 hours. Para recibir asistencia en espaiio/, par favor /lame

Keystone Collections Group is a tax collector, not a tax preparer, and is not permitted to offer tax advice.



Keystone Collections Group has a phone line dedicated exclusively to taxpayer inquiries.
Connect Direct
Keystone’s Taxpayer Helpline will connect you directly to a professional Taxpayer Service Representative, reducing wait times to bring you the fastest and most reliable answers to your local tax questions.

Online 24/7

You can also send online inquiries 24/7 to Keystone. Go to:<ahref=”” target=”_blank”>> “Contact Us
The easy, fast and secure way to file your tax return. Go to: > “Pay/File

Delinquent account customers contact:
Portnoff Law Associates, LTD
1000 Sandy Hill Road
Suite 150
Norristown, PA  19401


Residential $315.00 ($308.70 if paid in full by due date)
Commercial Store Fronts on East Lincoln Hwy $315.00 ($308.70 if paid in full by due date)
Private Trash Hauling Permit Private Hauler Application Fee: $30.00 per parcel


(Dumpsters are a requirement with Private Hauler service)
Properties that must obtain Private Trash Hauling services, at their own cost, will need to apply to the City of Coatesville for a Private Hauling Permit.
– Industrial, Institutional and Multi Unit Residential
Dwellings with 3 or more units (per parcel or unit)

private hauler application


For 2017 – Available from the Finance Department; $20.00 fee. Call (610) 384-0300 ext. 3120.

For 2016 and all prior years – Contact Portnoff Law Associates at 1-866-211-9466.


Recycling plastic, paper, glass and all other eligible recycling material must be separated from
trash that is collected and hauled by the City’s hauler or your private hauler. The Recycling mobile carts were distributed to customers to be used for collection and pick-up of recyclable materials. The City Codes Department will issue violations for any residential, commercial, industrial or institutional property that does not recycle eligible materials as required. Re-
cycling is the responsible thing to do and ultimately helps keep your solid waste bills as low as possible.