Act 511 Local Tax

Earned Income Tax (EIT)

The Political Subdivision (PSD) Code for Coatesville is 150202 for taxpayers who live in and/or work in the City. 

City Residents:  2.5% EIT Tax Rate


The EIT rate for all residents of the City of Coatesville is assessed a 2.0% earnings by the City and .5%  by the Coatesville Area School District.

Non-Residents: 1% EIT Tax Rate


The EIT tax rate for non-residents who work within the corporate limits of the City of Coatesville is a maximum of 1% tax on earnings generated by employment within the City limits (which are then split between the City and the school district), unless this same tax is assessed by the employee’s home municipality.  If an employee’s home municipality EIT is less than 1%, then the difference between the employees’ home municipality and 1% will be collected by the employer and forwarded to the City’s EIT collector.  Non-residents are advised to check with their home municipality for their residence PSD. 

Local Services Tax (LST – $52 annually)


Every individual who engages in an occupation within the City of Coatesville shall pay a local services tax to the City in the amount of $52 per person per calendar year, ($5 of this $52 goes to the school district). This tax shall be used for police, fire or emergency services, road maintenance or real estate tax reduction purposes. This tax applies to any person engaged in any trade, profession, business or undertaking of any type, kind or character, including services, domestic or other, carried on or performed within the corporate limits of the City of Coatesville, whether in the employ of another or self-employed for which compensation is charged or received, whether by means of salary, wages, commission, fees or otherwise, for services rendered.

Self-employed employees may be eligible for a refund of the City’s portion of the LST if Business Privilege Tax (BPT) is also paid. BPT may be paid at the reduced rate with proof of full LST payment in the current year.  People who earn less than $12,000/year on earned income, based on employment within the City, may fill out an exemption form or may be eligible for a refund.

Keystone Collections Group collects the EIT and LST for the City of Coatesville.  For questions regarding the EIT or LST contact

Keystone Collections Group, 546 Wendell Road, Irvin, PA 15642

(724)978-0300 or toll free 1-866-539-1100


Real Estate Transfer Tax



The transfer tax is paid when property is sold Tax Rates
City of Coatesville 1.5%
Coatesville Area School District 0.5%
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 1.0%
Total Transfer Tax Rate 3.0%