Office of the City Manager

James Logan

City Manager

Phone: 610-384-0300 ext. 3129

Fax: 610-384-3612

The City Manager of the City of Coatesville is appointed by a majority vote of the City Council and serves at its pleasure. This position is the City’s chief executive officer and is responsible for carrying out all administrative duties of the City government as provided in the City Charter and/or as directed by the City Council. These duties include:

  • the supervision of departments and employees;
  • hiring and discharging of all employees below Director level; carrying out the ordinances and policies of the City Council;
  • preparation, submission to council, and administration of the annual budget in conjunction with the Director of Finance; oversight of financial administration;
  • keeping council apprised of activities, issues, concerns and making recommendations regarding the proper administration of the city government;
  • administration of purchases and all contracts of the city;
  • investigation and responses to citizen complaints and keeping council apprised of such issues; preparation of council agenda with input from the council; perform the duties of Secretary of the council;
  • perform duties as purchasing agent; and
  • such other duties as assigned by ordinance, policy and the City Council.
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The city manager endeavors to develop and maintain a close working relationship with various governmental organizations on the local, state and federal levels as well as with community organizations and groups involved in the preservation, development and revitalization of the city. Additionally, the city manager is bound to adhere to the International City/County Management Association  (“ICMA”) Code of Ethics

The City Manager, James Logan, can be reached at his email as well at