The various Committees established by City Council serve in an advisory capacity to the Council on a range of matters. Members are appointed or reappointed by the City Council, usually in January, for specific terms of office. Below are overviews of the requirements for the various Committees currently serving the City of Coatesville.

Advisory Fire Committee

This seven person board is comprised mostly of members appointed by the Fire Chief, however, two seats are appointed by City Council majority vote for a three year term. These two seats must be held by residents of the City of Coatesville. The board acts as the liaison between the fire houses and the community at large and acts in an advisory capacity to City Council, City Administration and the Fire Department on matters pertaining to fire prevention, suppression and management and makes recommendations on such matters it may feel necessary for the protection and welfare of the citizens and the volunteers of the Fire Department. The Advisory Committee shall participate and advise in the preparation of the annual budget. The Fire Committee also reviews qualifications of and recommends the appointment of the Deputy and Assistant Fire Chiefs. It acts as the liaison between the respective fire companies and the City and monitors and attempt to resolve any problems within the companies. The Committee also reviews and makes the final decision on any grievances submitted by any volunteer. [Chapter 115-17 of City code]

Name Term
Steve Dobson Acting Deputy Fire Chief
Randy Scott West End Fire Company #3
Bob Law West End Fire Company #3
Ron Sigismonti Jr. Washington Hose Company #1
Mark Sweitzer Washington Hose Company #1
Vacant Citizen at Large: 2021 – 2023
Vacant Citizen at Large: 2020 – 2022
Steve Dobson Alternate; West End Fire Co. #3

Vacant Property Review Committee

Five person committee serving 4 year terms comprised of members who serve as the result of their position within the government or administration of the City of Coatesville. There is one seat on the commission to be held by a resident of the City of Coatesville and made by the sole appointment of the City Council president. The committee was established to take all such action authorized by the Urban Redevelopment Law to assist the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Coatesville with vacant or blighted property. [Chapter 61 of City code]

Name Term
Mark Kahler 2017 – 2020      Planning Commission
Jack Burkholder 2017 – 2020      Redevelopment Authority
Vacant 2017 – 2020      City Council Member
James Logan City Manager
Fran Scamuffa 2018 – 2021
Vacant Codes Department