Dear Coatesville Residents:

The City of Coatesville wakes up every morning to an unsightly landscape of abandoned vehicles, piles of trash, tall grass, weeds and discarded furniture, which has residents and homeowners concerned about the quality of life in the City.  For years the City and resident volunteers have partnered to create neighborhood clean-up events only to find their efforts marginalized by community violators. The trash laden yards and dumping has reached an all-time high with public health and safety concerns on the minds of our local officials and residents. Everyone wants a cleaner community!

The City’s code enforcement workers have begun identifying problem areas and will cite anyone in violation of city codes or ordinances. Starting Monday, October 4, 2021 code enforcement workers will issue Instant Tickets for anyone breaking the law. City Council members want to see a change in the quality of life for everyone. Under City Codes Chapter 180-Property Maintenance, Instant Tickets will be issued for the following violations:

  • Rubbish, trash, recyclables
  • Weeds, grass, fencing, hazardous waste
  • Bushes/Trees blocking sidewalks
  • Upholstered Furniture, mattresses
  • Abandoned Motor vehicles (unregistered, unlicensed, inoperative)
  • Boats and Campers in plain view of the public
  • Premises/property without identification – Front or Rear
  • Snow and ice removal within 24 hours of the end of the event
  • Exterior of buildings in disrepair (boarded windows etc)
  • Open Burning
  • Animals – chickens, ducks, strays, etc


We hope to see an improvement over the next four weeks and will inform residents of the property maintenance codes and policy. It is time that we stop dumping in Coatesville. It’s time to bring back the trimmed trees, mowed lawns, flowers and alleys free of trash and broken glass. We hope everyone will lend a hand to restore the beauty in our community.



City Hall