Good afternoon Coatesville:

On Wednesday, September 1, 2021, the Western Chester County Region (Coatesville specific) suffered a devastating setback from Hurricane Ida dumping more than twelve (12) inches of rain within a three hour period. Two months prior severe storms left Coatesville underwater after seven (7) inches of rain fell on the city within an hour. In some areas, the water swelled to more than seven feet with the rainfall lasting up to 6 hours. Hardest hit were residents living on fifth and sixth and Olive streets, but several other areas throughout the city suffered damage and road closures. The result of the catastrophic rainfall led the city to declare a state of emergency.

Our preliminary report indicates that more than 60 homes and rental properties were severely damaged, and a high percentage were deemed “condemned “ due to structural, water and electrical damage. The Coatesville Fire and Police Departments coordinated rescue and transport efforts with the Washington Hose Company and Tower Health Medic Vehicles. The CASD continues to work closely with American Red Cross to provide shelter and temporary housing relocation services for community residents. The County’s Emergency Management Department has deployed staff throughout Coatesville to help manage the aftermath of the storm.

Over the last few days there has been an outpouring of public support and donations streaming into shelters, schools, and churches. Our thanks to the countless volunteers, youth, small business owners, regional neighbors and other municipalities, staff and community leaders that have extended their hands to help in this crisis. The City of Coatesville greatly appreciates your help and strength in unity. THANK YOU!


James Logan, City Manager

Declaration of State of Emergency September 3, 2021