Good Evening Coatesville:

As you all know Tuesday afternoon, June 8, 2021 the Western region (Coatesville specific) suffered a devastating blow from Mother Nature by receiving more than 7 inches of rain within an hour. That rain continued for approximately 4 hours causing substantial damage to roads, residential property and more. More than 50% of the City was left underwater. More than 10 homes were declared unsafe and approximately 20 people received assistance from American Red Cross.

A special THANKS to those non-profit organizations and volunteers providing assistance.

After the rain stopped many residents experienced flooded basements, first floor water damage, cars underwater, and other property damage. The aftermath of the yesterday’s rainfall is still being felt throughout the community, and it may not be over yet. Within an hour or more, possible thunder storms may move through Coatesville with the potential of causing more damage.

The events of June 8, 2021 has lead the City to issue a Declaration of State of Emergency to protect the health, safety, and welfare of affected residents in the City of Coatesville. The attached declaration went into effect earlier today.  We hope all our residents will remain safe as they manage through yesterday’s rain destruction.

Lastly, I would like to thank our Fire, Police, and Public Works’ staff members for their outstanding response and commitment to assist city residents in this time of need. Collectively, they have been working together to address both public and private issues resulting from the passing storm.

Thank you all for coming together,

Declaration of State of Emergency