Snow & Ice Removal

Snow & Ice Removal

Snow Management 

Based on traffic flow, streets are divided into primary and secondary streets (alleys). Our goal is to have all city streets clear within 18-24 hours after the snow has stopped falling. This plan, with your cooperation, will ensure the best use of City resources during snow removal and emergencies. If you have any questions about the City’s Storm Emergency or Snow Removal Plan, please contact Public Works at 610-384-2861.

Snow Emergency Policy

The City of Coatesville emergency services monitors all storms that affect Chester County. When incidents occur leading to the loss of electricity or other health issues, the emergency operation center is opened at City Hall. The phone number is 610-384-0270 and is staffed during any emergency. If necessary, emergency shelters will be opened throughout the City during these periods and this information can be obtained by monitoring Cable Television Channel 66 for those living in the Coatesville School District.


Snow Removal Procedures

The first priority is to clear all primary (main) streets, including bus routes. This work generally takes six (6) to eight (8) hours after the snow has stopped falling. Crews begin plowing secondary streets after clearing and opening all primary streets. These collector and through streets are usually cleared within 12 to 16 hours AFTER snow stops falling.

Vehicles parked on Snow Emergency Routes will be towed at the owner’s expense. During severe storms, crews need to make multiple passes on primary streets. These primary streets are the most heavily traveled streets in the City and must be cleared and opened first to allow for the passage of emergency and general traffic. Plowing primary streets is often an iterative process. Crews attempt to clear all streets to the curb-line during snow removal. This may not be possible for properties with trees whose branches hang over the street or where cars are parked. Please note that property owners must maintain a tree canopy clearance of 11 vertical feet near the curb line to allow plow equipment to pass. (The Codes office will determine if pruning is necessary.)

The City of Coatesville has 33 Miles of streets; please be patient.

Safety Matters

The City completes snow removal as quickly and safely as possible. We encourage residents not to drive during a storm unless absolutely necessary. If you MUST drive, please use extra caution, leave plenty of time for your travel, and please adhere to the following:

  • Maintain a safe distance between snow removal equipment and your vehicle.
  • Give plowing equipment the right-of-way whenever possible.
  • Only pass plowing equipment if it is safe.
  • Leave enough distance between the equipment and your vehicle before moving back in front of the plow.



Do not clear sidewalks until plowing equipment has passed or your hard work may have been for nothing. Throwing, shoveling and plowing snow from sidewalks or driveways into the street is strictly forbidden. Please place snow you are shoveling into your property so as not to increase the effort of the snow removal response teams.



All winter long, be sure to have new fresh batteries in case of loss of power. Be understanding. It is impossible to keep snow from being deposited in driveways and sidewalks. In order to maintain an effective plowing speed, the plows cannot be lifted at every driveway and sidewalk. Please clear your driveway and sidewalk after the plows have passed. When the weather reports calls for snow, be sure to refill your prescriptions in advance to avoid medical emergencies should roads be closed or become impassable. And again, please be patient; we are working as quickly as is safe and reasonable.
Winter is a trying time for all: motorists, residents and the City. Snow removal is laborious and time consuming. The fewer people who are on the roads, the faster removal operations will progress. Rest assured that every available City employee works to complete the arduous and tiring task of snow removal as quickly and safely as possible.


You Can Help

Vehicles are prohibited from parking on primary streets designated as Snow Emergency Routes only when a Snow Emergency is declared. Residents are encouraged to be proactive by removing vehicles from these routes as soon as the snow begins to fall. Please keep all vehicles in private driveways whenever possible.
All-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles may only be operated for emergency uses on City streets and then, only during a declared Snow Emergency. They may, however, be operated on private property with the property owner’s consent.

Property Owner Responsibilities

The owner of a property, except that which is leased and occupied by tenants, is responsible to remove at their own expense, snow or ice from the sidewalks abutting said property to maintain a cleared space at least two-thirds (2/3) the width of the sidewalk. This must be done within a period of twenty-four (24) hours after the cessation of any snowfall.


A Snow Emergency is Declared When Snow Plowing Begins

The Public Works Department begins plowing roads when it is determined that at least 2-4 inches of snow can be measured on the road. Plows are ineffective in smaller amounts of snow. With the start of plowing a snow emergency will be declared. During a Snow Emergency, parking is prohibited on all streets designated as Snow Emergency Routes. Plowing crews are linked with the City via two-way radios to assist police, fire, and ambulance personnel with emergency situations.


Snow Emergency Routes
  • Lincoln Highway, from bridge to bridge (both north and south sides).
  • Strode Avenue, from Lincoln Highway to southern city line (both east and west sides).
  • Pennsylvania Avenue (west side only).
  • Chestnut Street (south side only).
  • Oak Street, from First Avenue to Eighth Avenue (south side only).
  • Charles Street, from Church Street to western city line (south side only).
  • Third Avenue, from Oak Street to Coates Street.


Parking is Available at the Following Public Parking Lots
  • Patton Park
  • 700 East Lincoln Highway
  • 2nd Avenue & Diamond St.
  • City Hall Lots at 3rd & Harmony St.
  • Maple and 3rd Avenue


The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is responsible for snow removal on the following streets
  • incoln Highway (Route 30) – although the City of Coatesville does have an agreement to attend to certain sections
  • Strode Ave -Rt. 82
  • N. 1st Avenue – (Route 82 North and Valley Road (Route 372)