The City of Coatesville has awarded the trash and recycling contracts to Eagle Disposal as the lowest responsible bidder. Recyclables will be picked up on the same designated day as trash. The residents of the City now have access to a yard waste drop off location at the Central Chester County Recycling Authority compost site located at 2240 Upper Gap Road. Open on the second Saturday of each month from 8 am to 2 pm. Directions; take South First Avenue to South on Youngsburg Road to the left on Upper Gap Road, Site is 3/4 mile on the right.

Chapter 190 Solid Waste Recycling Code

Coatesville’s Recycling Schedule 


The recycling pick-up schedule matches your trash collection schedule. Special pick-up dates exist for yard trimmings and white metal (washers, dryers, hot water heaters, refrigerators, air conditioners). NOTE: You must call City Hall at (610) 384-0300 to schedule special pick-ups.


Paper: Newspaper, junk mail, magazines, should be bundled and tied or put in a brown paper bag and set along side of the recycling container.

Cardboard: boxes, cereal boxes (inside packaging removed), etc. should be cut to a reasonable size and bundled & tied and set along side of the recycling container.

Glass: Clear, brown, and green and clear class, aluminum cans, bi-metal cans should be rinsed and placed in the recycling container.

Metal: Aluminum and bi-metal cans (rinsed), steel and tin should be placed in the recycling container.

Plastics: Number 1 – 7. Please Note:Metal lids may be recycled, but should be separated/removed from the container they were originally attached to and placed in the recycle container individually. Plastic lids should not be recycled unless they have the triangular recycling symbol and the number 1 – 7 in the center of the triangle.


Place recyclables listed above in the same area your trash is picked up.



Excluding the paper products, all glass, metals, and plastics can be placed in the same recycling bin.

Excluded: Unfortunately, we cannot take light bulbs, mirrors, ceramics, oil cans, dishes or window glass, crystal, flower pots, metallic wrapping paper, aerosol cans, wire hangers, tin/aluminum foil, or pots and pans at this time.

Yard Waste Program

SCHEDULE – Pick-ups are by appointment only and scheduled for every other Wednesday. CALL FOR PICK UP either 610-384-0300 or 610-384-2861.

PLACE yard waste at the edge of your property, if possible at the same location as your trash cans.

GRASS – Mow high, set your mower at the highest setting to create deeper root systems that are more drought tolerant and to choke out weeds. Grass cuttings are considered to be a great natural fertilizer. It is recommended that they be left on the lawn after cutting.

DISPOSAL OF GRASS CLIPPINGS AND LEAVES – If you must dispose of clippings or leaves please containerize them (preferably paper bags, a cardboard box or a 30 gallon trash can. Plastic bags will not be taken. Total of three (3) containers only.

TREE WASTE – Limbs shall be not more than three feet in length, No single piece shall be more than three inches in diameter.

HEDGES, vines, rose bushes, shrubs, multi-flora hedges, etc. must be securely tied, bundles must not exceed 3 feet in length and 2 feet in diameter. Whole trees and stumps are not included.

THE VOLUME OF MATERIAL COLLECTED IS LIMITED TO AN EQUIVALENT OF THREE BAGS/CONTAINERS and/or ONE BUNDLE PER PROPERTY, not to exceed 3 feet in length and 2 feet in diameter and not more than forty (40) pounds weight.