Available Properties

In addition to the regular residential and commercial properties for sale as in any municipality, there are also properties available for sale and/or development that are managed by the City of Coatesville directly – and those managed by the City of Coatesville’s Redevelopment Authority or RDA.


The following are a list of links that contain:

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Property List, which is in PDF format.

Please note: This list is subject to change, so be sure to contact the RDA for any additional Information using the Contact Form available via the left-hand navigation bar.

For further information on leasing or developing available Redevelopment Authority property please contact the Redevelopment Authority Property Manager, Brite Realty, at (610) 524-8285.

Please note that the Redevelopment Authority requires submission of the Developers Criteria RFI for any property to be sold.  The Developers Criteria RFI can be found here.