Available Properties

In addition to the regular residential and commercial properties for sale as in any municipality, there are also properties available for sale and/or development that are managed by the City of Coatesville directly – and those managed by the City of Coatesville’s Redevelopment Authority or RDA.



You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Property List, which is in PDF format.

Please note: This list is subject to change, so be sure to contact the RDA for any additional Information using the Contact Form available via the left-hand navigation bar.

For further information on leasing or developing available Redevelopment Authority property please contact the Redevelopment Authority Property Manager, Brite Realty, at (610) 524-8285.

Please note that the Redevelopment Authority requires submission of the Developers Criteria RFI for any property to be sold.  The Developers Criteria RFI can be found here.