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What is SWEEP?

SWEEP is a City run program originally created by the City of Philadelphia to educate citizens about their responsibilities under the Code. SWEEP enforces the law against violators through intensified street patrols by an enforcement officer, tracking of code violations notices and adjudication of violations. Through education and enforcement, SWEEP supports and enhances individual and community efforts to maintain a clean city.

Why is SWEEP Needed?

A clean city is a better place to live and work. Clean cities attract shoppers, tourists and new businesses. Keeping Coatesville litter-free will enhance the city’s image and economic vitality. Compliance with sanitation laws is also cost effective, since keeping litter off the streets to begin with is less expensive than cleaning it up.

How Does SWEEP Work?

The enforcement officer will meet with the individuals responsible for the operation of businesses and apartment buildings to review clean up responsibilities. The SWEEP officer will work with residential communities to address problem locations. In cases of non-compliance, the SWEEP officer will issue warnings and citations to the appropriate individuals.

Where Does SWEEP Operate?

SWEEP is a City wide program, with emphasis on commercial areas.

What are the advantages of SWEEP?

SWEEP is a comprehensive, centralized and accessible resource for information about the Code. Intensified patrols by the SWEEP officer will increase the awareness of the Code, reduce the number of violations and hold violators accountable to make Coatesville a cleaner and safer place for all.