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A resolution is an official statement of the will of the governing body.  Resolutions are useful for actions of a temporary nature, particularly those governing municipal activities, such as adopting budgets (except where ordinances are required), governing investments, setting salary schedules and awarding contracts.



  • Resolution no. 2018-01 City Council Meeting Dates for 2018
    2018-01.pdf (344.28 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2018-02 Designating Emergency Response Services
    2018-02.pdf (385.48 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2018-03 Exempt from real property taxation the assessed valuation of certain improvements to deteriorated industrial, commercial, or other business property in the City's "MU" Mixed Use Development Overlay pursuant to the Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance Act, Act 76 of 1977, as amended (LERTA)
    2018-03.pdf (558.1 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2018-03A Application for a Chester County Municipal Grant Program with the Chester County Department of Open Space Preservation
    2018-03A.pdf (381.93 KB)
  • Resolution No 2018-04 Writ of Special Election to fill a vacancy in the Office of City Council Person (for the Second Ward) of the City Council of the City of Coatesville, Chester County, PA
    2018-04.pdf (573.31 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2018-05 Writ of Special Election to fill a vacancy in the Office of City Council Person (for At Large) of the City Council of the City of Coatesville, Chester County, PA
    2018-05.pdf (559.89 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2018-06 Termination of lease with the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Coatesville relative to the parking lot identified as 701-705 ELH, Coatesville PA and authorize the sale of this parking lot to an adjacent business, RDV Properties, LLC located at 715 ELH for a price of $60,000 subject to certain restrictions requiring successors and assigns and requiring them to use the subject property as a parking lot, said deed to run with the land and to place all responsibility of maintenance upon the burdened property
    2018-06.pdf (590.83 KB)
  • Resolution NO. 2018-07 supporting a grant application with Chester County Department of Community Development for the 2017 CDBG Coatesville Street and Train Station Renovations - Grant Funds up to $370,000 for improvements in the City of Coatesville relating to to Train Station located at the corner of 3rd Avenue and Fleetwood Street and Infrastructure renovation along 3rd Avenue from Lincoln Highway to Ash Park
    2018-07.pdf (466.77 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2018-08 Establishing procedures for application to obtain benefits of LERTA Ordinance in the City of Coatesville
    2018-08.pdf (279.58 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2018-10 Ash Park Master Plan and Pool Feasibility Study Application
    2018-09.pdf (425.93 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2018-10 Implementation of Master Plan for revitalization of Palmer Park
    2018-10.pdf (431.06 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2018-11 granting conditional approval of the Coatesville Mixed Use Redevelopment Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan of DEPG Coatesville Associates, LP
    2018-11.pdf (910.91 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2018-12 Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program grant
    2018-12.pdf (307.74 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2018-13 Amending lease with County relative to 3600 square foot District Court located in City Hall initially executed on May 19, 2016 to change lease start date and other minor amendments thereto
    2018-13.pdf (747.83 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2018-14 Approving an directing the employment of certain law Firms to represent City in potential litigation against contributors of opioid addiction crisis
    2018-14.pdf (242.55 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2018-15 Disposition of records
    2018-15.pdf (292.78 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2018-16 recognizing resident John Pawlowski for his efforts in beautifying the City and in Particular for his vision in acquiring the gazebos and other improvements at the Riverwalk
    2018-16.pdf (477.72 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2018-17 Granting final approval of the lot consolidation plan of the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Coatesville for the "Coatesville Train Station"
    2018-17.pdf (218.38 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2018-18 Plan revision for new land development
    2018-18.pdf (40.94 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2018-19 Coatesville Invitational Grand Prix Day September 22, 2018
    2018-19.pdf (327.35 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2018-20 Approving Financing Terms through BB&T not to exceed $65,000
    2018-20.pdf (564.9 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2018-21 City Council Meeting Dates for 2018 Revised
    2018-21.pdf (352.27 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2018-22 Circuit Trails
    2018-22.pdf (452.86 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2018-23 Implement an Outdoor Fitness Court on Abdala Park
    2018-23.pdf (478.61 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2018-24 Authorizing the issuance and sale of a Tax Anticipation Note, series of 2019, of the City of Coatesville in an aggregate Principal of $1,000.000.00; establishing the terms, conditions and form of such note, establishing a sinking fund for note; authorizing certain officials to execute and deliver the note and to prepare and file certain certificates and other proceedings; and authorizing other necessary action.
    2018-24.pdf (182.61 KB)


  • Resolution No. 2017-01 City Council Meeting Dates for year 2017
    2017-01.pdf (58.11 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2017-02 Designating Emergency Response Services
    2017-02.pdf (67.96 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2017-03 PA Dept. of Transportation – Dot grants on line reporting system to file required Liquid Fuels forms annually
    2017-03.pdf (255.26 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2017-04 Releasing the subdivision bond and approving a maintenance agreement and maintenance bond
    2017-04.pdf (81.82 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2017-05 Designation of Agent Resolution for purpose of obtaining financial assistance under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Act
    2017-05.pdf (562.65 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2017-06 Officially authorizing the condemnation by eminent domain to acquire a portion of certain property identified as UPI#16-5-140 in fee simple to enable the widening of right-of-way for certain road improvements along East Lincoln Highway, all within the City of Coatesville
    2017-06.pdf (338.27 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2017-07 Appointing Tax Collection Committee Delegates
    2017-07.pdf (283.69 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2017-08 Civil Service Rules and Regulations - Firefighters
    2017-08.pdf (1.33 MB)
  • Resolution No, 2017-09 Approving Redevelopment Agreement - Commercial lease with option to purchase between the redevelopment Authority of the City of Coatesville and Kai Cannpharm, INc. for an approximate six (6) acre portion of the "Flats" subject to the limitation that is approval only extends through the current application process with an application deadline of March 20, 2017
    2017-09.pdf (364.55 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2017-10 Amending by change order the performance contract with Johnson Controls, Inc. to reflect removal of work that is not needed or is associated with the renovations of City Hall
    2017-10.pdf (954.93 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2017-11 Authorizing the City's sale/trade of vehicles and other equipment identified herein by means of Municibid or Trade in pursuant to CoStars purchases for new vehicles, or by public bid or auction consistent with the requirements of the Third Class City Code and City Charter
    2017-11.pdf (186.75 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2017-12 and Declaration of official intent to enter Lease/Financing
    2017-12.pdf (270.76 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2017-13 Authorizing the waiver of vendor fees for the City Sponsored event - Coatesville Community Unity Explosion
    2017-13.pdf (74.55 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2017-14 Deferral of payment of the accrued interest on the promissory note between the RDA and the City of Coatesville through the date December 31, 2016
    2017-14.pdf (49.21 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2017-17 Grand Prix September 23, 2017
    2017-17.pdf (68.69 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2017-18 Grand Prix September 23, 2017
    2017-18.pdf (34.62 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2017-19 authorizing the application to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for a Traffic Signal Approval
    2017-19.pdf (28.96 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2017-20 Authorizing an application to the Pennsylvania Municipal Assistance Program
    2017-20.pdf (33.92 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2017-21 Approving the application for an Economic Development License at the premises known as 143 East Lincoln Highway
    2017-21.pdf (58.8 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2017-22 Opposing House Bill 1620, entitled "Wireless Infrastructure Deployment Bill" as interfering with local control on public rights-of-way and not in the best interest of the Pennsylvania residents
    2017-22.pdf (122.64 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2017-23 Tax Anticipation Note for 2018
    2017-23.pdf (169.37 KB)


  • Resolution No. 2016-01 City Council Meeting dates for the year 2016
    2016-01.pdf (509.22 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-02 Designating Emergency Response Services
    2016-02.pdf (600.15 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-03 Authorizing the city's sale/trade of vehicles and other equipment identified herein by means of municibid or trade-in pursuant to costars purchases for new vehicles, or by public bid or auction consistent with the requirements of the third class city code and City charter
    2016-03.PDF (279 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-04 Authorizing the city's sale/trade of vehicles and other equipment identified herein by means of municibid or trade-in pursuant to costars purchases for new vehicles, or by public bid or auction consistent with the requirements of the third class city code and City charter
    2016-04.PDF (225.79 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-05 Appointing Tax Collection Committee Delegates
    2016-05.pdf (645.09 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-06 Authorizing the City’s sale/trade of vehicles by means of vehicles and other equipment identified herein by means of municibid or trade-in pursuant to COSTARS purchases for new vehicles, or by public bid or auction consistent with the requirements of the Third Class City Code and City Charter
    2016-06.pdf (1.03 MB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-07 Amend fee schedule attached to Ordinance No. 1471-2016 to correct typographical errors in the Housing Standards & rental inspections Chapter, Sections 2 & 3 (and clarification as to supporting information provided in Section 1 relating to a required lease being supplied) and adding procedural; requirements for a “Tenant generated complaint”.
    2016-07.pdf (1.68 MB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-08 Supports Coatesville Economic Development Program Administrator
    2016-08.pdf (511.01 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-09 supporting the filing of a grant application with the Chester County Department of Community Development, for the 2016 Chester County Revitalization Program Grant funds, for improvements in the City of Coatesville consisting of the correction and alignment of through lanes at the intersection of Routes 30, 82, and First Avenue for vehicles efficiency and pedestrian safety.
    2016-09.pdf (673.43 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-10 supporting the filing of a grant application with the Chester County Department of Community Development, for the 2016 Chester County Revitalization Program Grant funds, for improvements in the City of Coatesville consisting of a multi-level parking garage in the downtown area of East Lincoln Highway and South First Avenue
    2016-10.pdf (633.96 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-11 accepting bids for the farming of the Conti Tract pursuant to a one year lease, authorizing the award of a lease to the highest responsible bidder and authorizing the City Manager to execute the appropriate lease and any related necessary documents.
    2016-11.pdf (591.93 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-12 Supporting the filing of a grant application with the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development for the year 2016 Early Intervention Program Grant Funds, for upgrading the existing infrastructure through the implementation of an asset management program.
    2016-12.pdf (85.5 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-13 Designation of agent
    2016-13.pdf (87.84 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-14 adopting the multi-jurisdictional hazard mitigation plan of the County of Chester
    2016-14.pdf (56.33 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-15 Amending the Right to Know Policy for public records abd taking other action with respect to public records
    2016-15.pdf (559.12 KB)
  • Resolution No, 2016-16 Disposition of as set forth in the Municipal Records Manual
    2016-16.pdf (455.75 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-17 Designation of Agent Resolution
    2016-17.pdf (291.78 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-18 Inaugural Coatesville Invitation Vintage Grand Prix
    2016-18.pdf (227.38 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-19 Approve payment to Sandra Steen one half of accrued sick leave in recognition of her 15+ years of service to the City.
    2016-19.pdf (280.45 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-20 authoring exemptions, deductions, abatement's and credits for real property, earned income tax, net profits, mercantile and business privilege taxes within specific geographic area in City of Coatesville designated as a proposed Keystone Opportunity Zone ("KOZ"), in order to foster economic opportunities, stimulate industrial, commercial, and residential improvements and prevent physical and infrastructure deterioration within areas of the City of Coatesville, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, upon certain terms and conditions.
    2016-20.pdf (257.7 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-22 Authorizing the allocation of $376,219.57 grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the General Municipal Pension System State Aid Program
    2016-22.pdf (248.63 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-23 Authorizing the City to participate in the Western Chester County Council of Governments Regional Emergency Management Group ("WCCREM")
    2016-23.pdf (601.66 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-24 3rd Avenue and Lincoln Highway Improvements - Traffic Signal Approval
    2016-24.pdf (185.46 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-25 Chestnut Street and Lincoln Highway - Traffic Signal approval
    2016-25.pdf (186.04 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-26 Participate in Christina Watersheds Partnership Pilot Collaboration Program
    2016-26.pdf (332.87 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-27 Tax Anticipation Note 2017
    2016-27.pdf (1.29 MB)
  • Resolution No. 2016-28 Amendment to the Fire Fighter's Pension Plan Exhibit C
    2016-28.pdf (183.89 KB)


  • Resolution No. 2015-01 City Council Meeting Dates for the year 2015
    2015-01.pdf (243.76 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-02 Designating Emergency Response Services
    2015-02.pdf (276.95 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-03 Expressing opposition to a constitutional amendment empowering the general assembly to designate entities that are exempt from local real estate taxation
    2015-03.pdf (82.73 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-04 enter into a publicly bid contract – Contract #1 – City of Coatesville – Best Management practices infrastructure improvements inlet replacement
    2015-04.pdf (70.92 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-05 enter into a publicly bid contract – Contract #2 – City of Coatesville – Best Management practices infrastructure improvements inlet replacement – Oak Street
    2015-05.pdf (71.35 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-06 to enter into a publicly bid contract – Contract#4 – City of Coatesville – Re-Roofing of City Hall
    2015-06.pdf (59.07 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-07 Granting approval of the plan of the proposed lot line change for the Presbyterian Church of Coatesville located at 359 East Lincoln Highway
    2015-07.pdf (125.76 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-08 Supporting the filing of a grant application with Chester County Department of Community Development for 2015 Chester County Community Revitalization Program Grant Funds
    2015-08.pdf (351.91 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-09 Appointing Tax Collection Committee Delegates
    2015-09.pdf (288.75 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-10 Authorizing application to the 2014 PECO Green Open Space Program for the Gazebo Project
    2015-10.pdf (271.27 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-11 Change the position of Director of Urban Planning and Code Enforcement and the Director Department of Public Works from a full-time position to a part-time position
    2015-11.pdf (257.61 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-12 Accepting bids for the farming of the Conti Tract pursuant to a one year lease, authorizing the award of a lease to the highest bidder
    2015-12.pdf (280.41 KB)
  • 2015-13 Application for traffic signal approval
    2015-13.pdf (1.99 MB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-14 Requiring owner to provide notarized authrization to agent managing any unit in the City
    2015-14.pdf (661.75 KB)
  • Resolution No 2015-15 Authrizing JOhnson Controls to obtain an operational analysis and benchmark analysis of the City's energy usage
    2015-15.pdf (337.05 KB)
  • Resolution 2015-16 Declaration of offical intent to enter lease/financing
    2015-16.pdf (297.39 KB)
  • Resolution No 2015-17 Endorsin the Brandywin Creek Greenway and its 2015 Strategic Action Plan
    2015-17.pdf (579.06 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-18 Designating Signatories for the PennDot agreement to auhtorize electronic access to PennDot Systems
    2015-18.pdf (482.25 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-19 Selecting Johnson Controls as the qualified energy service compnay (chosen after a request for qualificatins) with which to negotiate a guaranteed energy savings contract
    2015-19.pdf (830.83 KB)
  • Resloution No, 2015-20 Establishing the cost of replacement recycling containers at sixty-five ($65.00) dollars
    2015-20.pdf (481.05 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-21 Winter Traffic Services 5 year agreement
    2015-21.pdf (227.04 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-22 Adopting the reduced amortization option according to Chapter 6 of Act 205 of 1984 as amended by Act 44 of 2009
    2015-22.pdf (423.2 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-23 officially authorizing the execution of the final subdivision and land Development agreement, Financial security agreement and stormwater management agreement and execution of subdivision plans (23) sheets with the release of the same conditioned upon final review and signature by the City Engineer, signatures of the City Planning Commission and all other parties and confirmation by the City Finance Department that the escrow is fully funded.
    2015-23.pdf (1.08 MB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-24 Authorizing the allocation of $364,637.63 grant from the Commonwealth of PA for the General Municipal Pension System State Aid Program
    2015-24.pdf (531.04 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-25 Appointing Tax Collection Committee Delegates
    2015-25.pdf (642.48 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-26 Multimodal Transportation Grant
    2015-26.pdf (398.19 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-27 Approving extension of Yerkes Associates, Inc. to perform Code Enforcement work on an emergency basis for 45 more days
    2015-27.pdf (476.46 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-28 authorizing tax relief (tax exoneration) from City Real Estate taxes for tax exempt property (Coatesville Area Senior Center located at the Southwest intersection of Harmony and Third Avenue in the City of Coatesville, Tax Parcel 16-5-279 and tax exoneration from the date of exoneration
    2015-28.pdf (920.32 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2015-29 2016 Tax Anticipation Note
    2015-29.pdf (1.91 MB)


  • Resolution No. 2014-01 City Council Meeting Dates 2014
    2014-01.pdf (235.82 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2014-02 Designating Emergency Response Services
    2014-02.pdf (266.9 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2014-03 Authorizing the waiver of taxes on Fleetwood Street and North Fourth Avenue projects designated for Train Station Project
    2014-03.pdf (271.2 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2014-04 Releasing Surety Bond for Walgreens Store No. 11461
    2014-04.pdf (430.66 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2014-06 Authorize City to prepare revised budget for 2014
    2014-06.pdf (186.43 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2014-07 Authorize City to investigate and support a Community based building initiative
    2014-07.pdf (260.4 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2014-08 Authorize the waiver and exoneration of taxes on properties determined by the County to be uncollectable
    2014-08.pdf (336 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2014-09 Waive impact fees in return for PAWC's paving of identified streets curb to curb
    2014-09.pdf (406.39 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2014-10 supporting the filing of a grant application with Chester County Department of Community Development for the 2014 Community Revitalization Program Grant funds for improvements
    2014-10.pdf (332.95 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2014-11 Supporting the business plan for the Coatesville Office/Hotel Development RACP Project II in the City of Coatesville
    2014-11.pdf (372.46 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2014-12 Authorize Coatesville Area Partners for Progress ("CAPP") to act on the City's behalf and file for funding from the State for a Main Street Manager with all direct costs for the said Main Street Manager being paid for by CAPP for the five year period of engagement and subject to CAPP's direction
    2014-12.pdf (212.2 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2014-12a Supporting the participation in the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission's Transportation and Community Development initiative (TCDI) Grant Program - Route 30 Multi-Modal Transportation Plan
    2014-12a.pdf (172.2 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2014-13 Participation in the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission Transportation and Community Development Initiative (TCDI) Grant Program
    2014-13.pdf (341.09 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2014-14 Accepting a contract extension to permit the farming of the Conti Tract pursuant to an additional one year lease, with Warihay Farms
    2014-14.pdf (246.15 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2014-15 - Amended 2014 meeting dates
    2014-15.pdf (234.82 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2014-16 Disposition of records
    2014-16.pdf (243.24 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2014-17 Adopt Comprehensive Plan Addendum
    2014-17.pdf (255.15 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2014-18 adopting the reduced amortization option according to Chapter 6 of Act 205 of 1984 (P.L. 1005) No. 205), as amended by Act 44 of 2009.
    2014-18.pdf (189.97 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2014-19 authorizing the allocation of $336,923.16 grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the General Municipal Pension System State Aid Program.
    2014-19.pdf (251.69 KB)
  • 2014-20.pdf (1.35 MB)
  • Resolution No. 2014-21 officially granting conditional approval of the Major Land Development Plan for Family Dollar and granting identified waivers with respect to street plantings (contingent upon substitute plantings provided in lieu thereof) – said approval being further conditioned upon acceptance of said conditions by the developer /applicant
    2014-21.pdf (1.4 MB)
  • Resolution No. 2014-22 authorizing the issuance and sale of a 2015 Tax Anticipation Note of the City of Coatesville in an aggregate principal amount of $1,200,000.00; establishing the terms, conditions and forms of such note, accepting a proposal to purchase the note; providing security for the note; authorizing certain officials to execute and deliver the note and to prepare and file certain certificates and other proceedings, and authorizing other necessary action.
    2014-22.pdf (1.61 MB)
  • Resolution No. 2014-24 granting approval of the final subdivision plan for Arcelor Mittal Plate, LLC establishing a lot line change to permit the transfer of Parcel ‘A” an approximately 4.10 acres consisting of all tax parcel 16-5-229.2 and a part of Tax Parcel 16-10-20 to be conveyed to Tax Parcel 16-10-2201.1E owned by Brandywine Mansion Properties
    2014-24.pdf (311.28 KB)


  • Resolution No. 2013-01, Council Meeting Dates
    2013-01.pdf (55.04 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-02, Designate Emergency Response Services
    2013-02.pdf (63.14 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-04 Millview Roadway Dedication
    2013-04.pdf (340.06 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-05 Payment of Certain Types of Invoices
    2013-05.pdf (300.71 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-06 Professional Services Contract - ACT 44 of 2009
    2013-06.pdf (545.43 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-07 Waive impact fees for PAWC
    2013-07.pdf (256.47 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-08 Records and Retentions
    2013-08.pdf (242.1 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-09 Prohibiting parking in areas designated by Acting Fire Chief
    2013-09.pdf (294.58 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-10 Entering into a Costar Contract for Police Vehicles
    2013-10.pdf (227.05 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-10A Declaration of Intent - Police Vehicles
    2013-10A.pdf (349.79 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-11 Entering into a Costar Contract for Fire Vehicle
    2013-11.pdf (230.68 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-11A Declaration of Intent - Fire Vehicles
    2013-11A.pdf (349.5 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-12 Entering into a Costar Contract for Public Works Vehicles
    2013-12.pdf (230.26 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-12A Declaration of Intent - Public Works Vehicles
    2013-12A.pdf (365.44 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-13 Waive permit fees for PAWC for paving certain streets
    2013-13.pdf (185.27 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-14 Approve Phase 1 Site Plan "Courtyard Hotel/Office Building"
    2013-14.pdf (1.33 MB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-15 Authorize opening Police Forfeiture Holding Account
    2013-15.pdf (213.11 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-16 Authorize creation AD-HOC Finance Budget Review Committee
    2013-16.pdf (265.77 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-17 Adopt Bylaws of Western Chester County Council of Government
    2013-17.pdf (593.1 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-18 Accept Bids for farming lease on Conti Tract
    2013-18.pdf (271.18 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-19 Brandywine Creek Greenway Branch Addendum
    2013-19.pdf (241.4 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-20 Adopt Civil Service Regulations
    2013-20.pdf (1.41 MB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-21 Authorize creation of Ad-Hoc Finance Budget Review Committee
    2013-21.pdf (261.47 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-22 Approve Dilworth Paxson as attorney for pensions
    2013-22.pdf (361.22 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-23 Approve Conrad Siegel as actuaries for pensions
    2013-23.pdf (367.19 KB)
  • Resolution No. Tax Relief No, 16-2-230 and 16-231 from 1996-2001
    2013-24.pdf (295.08 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-25 Costar contract Police Vehicles
    2013-25.pdf (244.09 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-26 Cooperation Agreement
    2013-26.pdf (241.63 KB)
  • Resolution No, 2013-27 Watershed Restoration and Protection Grant
    2013-27.pdf (164 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-28 Downtown Revitalization District
    2013-28.pdf (686.18 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-29 Approve Community Yard Sale second Saturday April and September
    2013-29.pdf (255.12 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-30 Borrow $95,076.06 for a CoStar Contract for Public Works vehicle
    2013-30.pdf (297.28 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-30a Declaration of Intent - Public Works Vehicle
    2013-30a.pdf (463.08 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-31 Authorize City Manager to execute documents for storm water inlets on Madison Street bids
    2013-31.pdf (239.94 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-32 Authorize allocation of $345,707.91 grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the General Municipal Pension State Aid Program
    2013-32.pdf (248.31 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-33 Dedicate the new playground equipment and park area in Ash Park to James R "Bubbles" Lopp
    2013-33.pdf (228.09 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-34 Tax Anticipation Note for 2014
    2013-34.pdf (1.09 MB)
  • Resolution No. 2013-35 Storm Water Management and Erosion and Sediment Control
    2013-35.pdf (255.12 KB)


  • Resolution No. 2012-01 City Council Meeting Dates
    2012-01.pdf (56.14 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-02 Designating Emergency Response Services
    2012-02.pdf (64.71 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-03 Tax and Revenue Anticipation Note Authorizing and Awarding
    2012-03.pdf (475.02 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-04 Signatures for the City of Coatesville Bank Accounts
    2012-04.pdf (48.34 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-05 Stormwater Management - Coatesville Inn Associates
    2012-05.pdf (164.73 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-06 Catholic Worship Center
    2012-06.pdf (76.85 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-07 Amended City Council Meeting Dates
    2012-07.pdf (57.7 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-08 Constable Contract
    2012-08.pdf (105.48 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-09 Support Filing of Grant to Chester County Department of Community Development
    2012-09.pdf (96.99 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-10 Authorize filing of proposal of funds with Department of Community and Economy Development
    2012-10.pdf (48.72 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-11 Authorize award of lease to highest bidder - Farming Conti Tract
    2012-11.pdf (64.88 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-12 Support Act 13 Challenge
    2012-12.pdf (77.96 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-13 Remove Gary Rawlings from office as City Manager
    2012-13.pdf (71.55 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-14 Appoint Kirby Hudson as Acting City Manager
    2012-14.pdf (69.65 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-15 Signatories for Bank Accounts
    2012-15.pdf (48.03 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-16 Support filing CDBG Grant
    2012-16.pdf (115.71 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-17 Civil Service changes for part time Police Officers
    2012-17.pdf (139.94 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-18 Establish fees for Third Avenue Parking lot
    2012-18.pdf (56.14 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-19 Establish Fees for permits/road openings/engineering/counsultants
    2012-19.pdf (132.94 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-20 Establish Fees for Truss Emblem
    2012-20.pdf (66.59 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-21 Authorize allocation of $386,219.85 grant from Commonwealth of Pa for General Municipal Pension State Aid Program
    2012-21.pdf (60.25 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-22 Approve amendments to the Civil Service Commission
    2012-22.pdf (100.24 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-23 Creation of an Ad Hoc Finance Budget Review Commission
    2012-23.pdf (44.65 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-24 Authorize issuance of individual procurement cards
    2012-24.pdf (151.34 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-25 Authorize and confirm the City's sale of vehicles in public bid and re-authorize the sale of the City's fire ladder truck
    2012-25.pdf (79.4 KB)
  • Resolution No. Appoint Tax Collection Committee Delegates
    2012-26.pdf (67.13 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-27 Authorize April Barkasi and Cedarville Engineering Group, LLC to act as an agent for the City and to take all Action necessary for applications on road openings under the City's road opening Ordinance
    2012-27.pdf (80.6 KB)
  • Resolution No. Approve regulations under the City's Road Opening Ordinance
    2012-28.pdf (297.04 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-29 Approving and permitting an extension of time until May 31, 2013 to complete the review of the proposed amendment to existing plans for the office building project
    2012-29.pdf (77.16 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-30, Tax Anticipation Note for 2013
    2012-30.pdf (445.47 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-31, Millview Dedication
    2012-31.pdf (1.13 MB)
  • Resolution No. 2012-32, Cedarville Engineering Group
    2012-32.pdf (80.89 KB)


  • Resolution No. 2011-01 Council meeting dates 2011
    2011-01.pdf (54.05 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-02 Designate emergency response services
    2011-02.pdf (64.88 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-03 Tax Anticipation Note
    2011-03.pdf (1.02 MB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-04 Fire Fighter pension
    2011-04.pdf (103.01 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-05 Firefighter Pension Amendment 1
    2011-05.pdf (164.95 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-06 Police Pension Amendment No 1
    2011-06.pdf (113.6 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-08 Signatories for City Accounts
    2011-08.pdf (44.05 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-09 Riverwalk/Bramdywine Creek Trail Fence and Wood Barrie project
    2011-09.pdf (81.78 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-10 Accept bid proposal from Eagle Diposal
    2011-10.pdf (101.12 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-11 Wayne Reed deffered compensation plan
    2011-11.pdf (86.4 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-12 Conti Tract Lease
    2011-12.pdf (210.37 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-13 Signatories for City accounts
    2011-13.pdf (48.75 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-14 Early Intervention Program
    2011-14.pdf (71.96 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-15 Small Area Fair Market Rent Demonstration Project
    2011-15.pdf (63 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-16 Growing Greener
    2011-16.pdf (118.26 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-18 Tax Collection Committee Delegates
    2011-18.pdf (69.64 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-19 Millview Road Dedication
    2011-19.pdf (121.01 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-20 2011 CDBG contract for street repaving and storm sewer replacement
    2011-20.pdf (64.73 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-21 CCDCD grant filing for Community Revitalization program, grant funds for National Veledrome
    2011-21.pdf (72.11 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-22 RDA staff sharing
    2011-22.pdf (152.94 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-23 Glass Steagall Act
    2011-23.pdf (59.58 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-24 authorize waiver of taxes for Fleetwood Street Properties
    2011-24.pdf (93.39 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-25 Growing Greener Watershed Protection section 319
    2011-25.pdf (51.46 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-26 Resolution for Signatories for the City of Coatesville Bank Accounts
    2011-26.pdf (50.67 KB)
  • Resolution No, 2011-27, Resolution approving submission of grant application to Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
    2011-27.pdf (72.95 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-28 Resolution for signatures for the City of Coatesville Bank Accounts
    2011-28.pdf (49.52 KB)
  • Resolution No, 2011-29 Removing the moratorium on payments of registration fee for vacant premises located in the City of Coatesville and rescinding Resolution 2009-08
    2011-29.pdf (66.76 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-31 Designation of Agent
    2011-31.pdf (80.29 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2011-32 Authorize shared payment of real estate tax with the Redevelopment Authority
    2011-32.pdf (107.82 KB)


  • Resolution No. 2010-01 Council meeting dates 2010
    2010-01.pdf (54.21 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-02 Designate Emergency Response Services
    2010-02.pdf (72.3 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-03 Sell or dispose of Municipal Property by auction
    2010-03.pdf (72.7 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-04 Declare special meeting December 23, 2009 as Void
    2010-04.pdf (88.4 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-05 Brandywine Creek Phase 1 Part B alternate A,B,C
    2010-05.pdf (129.13 KB)
  • Resolution NO. 2010-06 Authorize ICM to initiate and administer City emergency operations
    2010-06.pdf (90.39 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-07 Termination of Harry Walker as City Manager
    2010-07.pdf (60.04 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-08 Hire Wayne G. "Ted" Reed as ICM for 1 year
    2010-08.pdf (413.89 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-09 Signatories for City accounts
    2010-09.pdf (49.03 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-10 Authorize ICM to execute and accept Weed and Seed grant
    2010-10.pdf (61.2 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-11 Approve Coatesville Inn Associates Preliminary and Final Development Plan
    2010-11.pdf (200.39 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-12 Municipal adoption of the Chester County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan
    2010-12.pdf (77.48 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-13 File grant application for Community Development Block grant funds for street repaving and storm sewer project
    2010-13.pdf (58.98 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-14 Authorize waive transfer tax and certification fees from demolition properties
    2010-14.pdf (106.7 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-15 Authorize staff to submit PEMA documents supporting request fro reimbursement of costs associated with two snow storms
    2010-15.pdf (76.82 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-16 Office Building and Hotel redevelopment project approve subdivision plans with conditions
    2010-16.pdf (170.28 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-17 Approve traffic signal to be erected on SR 92, Manor Road
    2010-17.pdf (58.07 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-18 Establish days, hours, parking limits, and hourly fee/permit rate - Third Avenue Diamond Street
    2010-18.pdf (63.13 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-19 Create International Property Maintenance Appeals Board
    2010-19.pdf (380.56 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-20 Establish fees for appeals on the International Property Maintenance Code Appeals Board
    2010-20.pdf (72.3 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-22 Authorize ICM to execute PA DOT Highway Occupancy permit for drainage facilities
    2010-22.pdf (202.75 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-23 Authorize signage and release final subdivision/land development plans for 810 East Lincoln Highway
    2010-23.pdf (131.75 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-24 John Pawlowski Day
    2010-24.pdf (76.02 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-25 Authorize Hotel and Office building development plan/agreement
    2010-25.pdf (198.99 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-26 Coatesville Code Volunteer Program
    2010-26.pdf (59.97 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2010-27 Recognition of Officer Roger Ollis
    2010-27.pdf (79.32 KB)


  • Resolution No. 2009-01 City Council Meeting dates for 2009
    2009-01.pdf (60.54 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-02 Designate Emergency Response Services
    2009-02.pdf (73.6 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-03 Approve final subdivision pan for BR Branches, LP
    2009-03.pdf (110.89 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-04 Designate Emergency Management Coordinator for PEMA
    2009-04.pdf (51.28 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-05 Approve purchase of 1000 motion detector lights
    2009-05.pdf (68.28 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-06 Appoint Fire fighter Michael Pawlowski
    2009-06.pdf (59.38 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-07 approve dotGrants system to file required Liquid Fuels forms
    2009-07.pdf (53.32 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-08 Establish moratorium on Vacant Premises registration fees
    2009-08.pdf (69.37 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-09 Appoint Fire Chief
    2009-09.pdf (52.96 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-11 Declare its intent to follow the schedules and procedures for disposition of records
    2009-11.pdf (248.09 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-12 Authorize Inter Municipal Government Agreement between the City and Chester County
    2009-12.pdf (89.42 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-13 Adopt 537 Sewage Facilities Plan for Tributary municipalities of PAWC
    2009-13.pdf (103.75 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-14 Authorize City to enter into the easement agreement between RDA and City for Riverwalk project
    2009-14.pdf (255.24 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-15 Approve summary document plan for Police Pension Fund
    2009-15.pdf (63.4 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-16 Accept and approve bid for construction of Riverwalk Project Phase I, Part A
    2009-16.pdf (121.12 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-17 Accept and approve bid for construction of Riverwalk project, Phase I, Part B
    2009-17.pdf (140.06 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-18 Approve Barbacane Thornton and Company services to conduct 2008 audit
    2009-18.pdf (545.45 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-19 Right to Know Policy
    2009-19.pdf (255.56 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-20 Disposition Resolution for destruction of specific records
    2009-20.pdf (87.08 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-21 Appoint Tax Collection Committee Delegate
    2009-21.pdf (80.34 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-22 Approve Fairmount Capital recommendations
    2009-22.pdf (90.01 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-23 Appoint Police Officers
    2009-23.pdf (59.46 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-24 Approve rules and regulations of the Civil Service Commission
    2009-24.pdf (1.71 MB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-25 Signatures for City of Coatesville Accounts
    2009-25.pdf (50.75 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-26 Authorize City to participate in Regional Economic Development Study
    2009-26.pdf (66.23 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-27 Authorize execution of agreements for the Coatesville Train Station Renovation project
    2009-27.pdf (90.74 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-27a Approve summary plan for the Fire Fighters Pension fund
    2009-27a.pdf (62.8 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-28 Authorize preparation of Chester County Community Revitalization Grant for Storm Water Management
    2009-28.pdf (69.43 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-29 Accept and approve bids for Diamond Street parking lot and Lumber Street Storm Sewer Project
    2009-29.pdf (90.55 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2009-30 Form CLUER Committee
    2009-30.pdf (96.49 KB)


  • Resolution No. 2008-01 City Council meeting dates 2008
    2008-01.pdf (58.03 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-02 Designating Emergency Response services
    2008-02.pdf (62.81 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-03 Amend approval of preliminary and final subdivision and land development
    2008-03.pdf (122.22 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-04 Support PA House Resolution 418
    2008-04.pdf (70.31 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-05 Direct RDA to prepare a financial plan to meet financial obligations
    2008-05.pdf (62.64 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-06 Authorize City to pay RDA invoice until RDA becomes financially solvent
    2008-06.pdf (69.52 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-07 Maintain and increase public safety personnel in Police and Fire Departments
    2008-07.pdf (59.56 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-08 Support Senate Bill 777
    2008-08.pdf (82.5 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-09 Provisional Police Officers
    2008-09.pdf (62.57 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-09a Authorize the acceptance of grant for Early Intervention Agreement
    2008-09a.pdf (84.1 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-10 Authorize municipal waste recyclables and bulk waste contract
    2008-10.pdf (64.32 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-11 Provisional Police Officers
    2008-11.pdf (60.08 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-12 Appoint Joseph Hamrick to Pension Committees
    2008-12.pdf (50.71 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-15 PNC
    2008-15.pdf (61.38 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-16 PNC
    2008-16.pdf (53.43 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-17 Appointment of provisional officers
    2008-17.pdf (59.31 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-18 Parking Strategy grant
    2008-18.pdf (84.68 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-19 Appointment of Police Officer
    2008-19.pdf (57.88 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-20 Approve $5,000 reward
    2008-20.pdf (68.19 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-21 Grant Easement
    2008-21.pdf (84.31 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2088-22 Support efforts to fight illegal guns
    2008-22.pdf (116.1 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-23 Remove Tax Parcel 16-2-244 from restrictions imposed
    2008-23.pdf (120.79 KB)
  • Resolution 2008-24 Appoint Fire Police Captain
    2008-24.pdf (52.41 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-25 Authorize City to loan monies to Shelter Group
    2008-25.pdf (173.1 KB)
  • Resolution 2008-26 Appoint Police Officer
    2008-26.pdf (60.81 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-27 Infrastructure Bond Referendum
    2008-27.pdf (70.18 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-28 Dulles Drive Road extension grant
    2008-28.pdf (81.72 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-29 Train Station parking lots grant
    2008-29.pdf (83.42 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-30 Approve preliminary and final plans for Walgreen's
    2008-30.pdf (151.61 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-31 Amend planning module app to PA DEP referencing Office Building and Hotel
    2008-31.pdf (110.45 KB)
  • Resolution No. 2008-32 Approve conversion of existing garage to residential conversion space
    2008-32.pdf (60.39 KB)