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City HallThe concept of a government by the people for the people is the cornerstone of American democracy.

The City of Coatesville is committed to fostering an open and transparent government. We want to encourage the active participation of every resident of the City of Coatesville through your attendance at the many public sessions of the City Council, the Redevelopment Authority (RDA), the Planning Commission and the many other opportunities you have to be a part of the government that governs the community you call home. This area of the website houses the information for the Coatesville City Government.

The City Council created a series of Authorities, Boards, Commissions, and Committees to assist Council and Administration in carrying out the operations of your local government. If you’d like to see what they are and perhaps apply for an appointment, refer to the documents below.

[pdf] Overview of ABCCs_Final.pdf

Boards and Commissions application




To view the City of Coatesville’s City Charter and the codes by which the laws of the city are enforced, click here.

Access additional information about Coatesville’s Government structure.

To view the recommendations for the City’s progress relevant to the Early Intervention Program, review the following documents:

[pdf] EIP_Phase_I

[pdf] EIP_Phase_II_5_Year_Plan_Update