OpenTo better serve the citizens of the City of Coatesville, the office of the Department of Urban Planning and Codes Enforcement will remain open until 6PM on regular City Council meeting nights. Residents of the City of Coatesville can use this opportunity twice each month to:

  • Complete permit applications.
  • Pick-up approved permits.
  • Schedule Rental Inspections.
  • Schedule Use & Registration Inspections
  • File Zoning Applications
  • File Complaints
  • File requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act


Fees are charged for each type of permit issued such as building, plumbing, electrical and/or mechanical. The permit fee is based on the valuation of the project, and calculated from fee tables established in the code. The fees provide for the checking of plans and adequate field inspection of the materials and methods of construction


Any associated costs for the above must be remitted in the form of a check or money-order. Cash and Credit cards are not currently being accepted at this time.