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city sealWith the adoption of the Home Rule Charter by the citizens of Coatesville on May 19, 1981, the City adopted the Council/Manager form of government. This action established the City Council as the legislative body and the City Manager as the Chief Executive Officer. The City Council is a seven member body with staggered terms with four members simultaneously elected during one election cycle and the remaining three simultaneously elected with a two-year off-set. As the legislative branch, the Council approves all ordinances, amendments, and resolutions; establishes governmental and administrative policies; and performs all legislative powers and duties imposed on the city by law or the City’s charter. On the first Monday of each January the Council holds an organization meeting to elect the President and Vice President of Council and appoint legal counsel for the City.

The City Manager serves at the pleasure of the Council and acts as the Chief Executive Officer to administer and implement the City government and has responsibility for all departments in City Hall. It is the City Manager’s responsibility to assure the enforcement all ordinances, resolutions and policies of the City Council. S/he sees to the effective operation of all departments and is responsible for the preparation and presentation of the annual municipal budget and its financial administration. S/he reports directly to City Council and is charged with keeping the Council informed of the operations and needs of the government. S/he hires and dismisses all employees below Director level. Department heads/director level employees are appointed only with City Council approval. The City Manager is responsive to the needs of the citizens and recommends implementation of community development and other activities to assure the continuing quality of life of the citizenry.

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